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Berkeley Innovation Index (BI Squared)

The BI Squared is an open project to offer simple ways to measure innovation, but in a holistic sense.

Try it yourself to get a sense of the approach, just answer a few survey-style questions and get personalized results automatically sent to you.

 Innovation Mindset for Individuals
(self-evaluation link)

Allows people to understand and grow their mindset towards Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Operational and Innovation Culture for Workgroups
(self-evaluation link)

A few sample on-line questions can quickly help estimate Operational and Innovation Culture in your workgroup.

Innovation Index: A firm-level assessment with diagnostic recommendations.  This must be done with the help of an independent moderator or with an internal project manager.  This assessment can help firms rank against others with global data.  Contact us if you want to learn more.

Contact: admin@innovation-engineering.net for more information